16 September 2008

Just a little bit......!

Hmmmm, so what went wong? If in short, it will be only a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

So, last couple of months it has been only work, work and a shit more load of work. Single, yes I am, but I do have a very busy social life as well. Women can be so demanding and I wish somehow I can explain to them that I do have free time. First comes work, secondly my couch then alcohol and then friends. Where do I fit you in? Eish..........

OK. This last months my head was in turmoil and it all ended up making a life decision, again! I have decided to open my own water company. Yes, my own company. I will go in partnership with my ex MD with her being silent partner and all the capital. We are on the breach signing a mulit million contract and then my dear friends, I will work for myself. I will most probably quit my company in the next month or two and then we will be all off into the wild world of selfemployment. SCARED, yeah maybe a little bit, but definately an oportunity of a life time. Yes, South Africa does have its disadvantages, but more so its advantages. VIVA!

I believe I am top of my game and at this point the view is really beautiful. In future I know it will go down, but for life being what it is, you will always go up and then again all the way down. I know I have it in my to make it and therefore fear is NO option.

So this is a little update with great news for future prospects and no need for complaining.

Have fun guys and hope to see y'all someday soon.


23 May 2008

C'est la vie......!

I know, I know.......It has been a while since the last post. But to be honest, I somehow do not find the time I use to have back in the days of being an expat. It has been almost a year since my return to famous South Africa.

Famous in the sense of being in the news for all the wrong reasons. Or maybe the right reasons? Well, it all has to do with the fact that South Africans are fucking tired of other useless asholes taking over our country. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying they are doing the right thing, but I believe that someone has realised now that something has to be done and th epublic take it into their own hands........And it is really not that violent as it might have been broadcasted over the tele.

OK, back to my story. On the 31st it would be exactly 1 year ago I left Tanzania. Happy, yeah definately. I hate that place. But, somehow I miss my freedom. But on the other hand I have now the freedom I longed for in my career. I am on top and do just what I want, but only as long as I stay in the budget and the projects is done one time, in quality and in budget....OK, I sound like a real PM. But I like everything that has happened the last year. I have been back to Mauritius in September 07. I have been to Germany a month ago and to Ireland in 2 weeks time. I like it a lot.

Winter is around the corner. It is really getting cooler, the sun sets earlier and the parties....well that still is the same. Always a hectic subject here in Jo'ies.

Germany. Yes. I went to Germany for a 10 day break. God. It was awesome. Beer, bratwurst mit brochien and Beer and women and beer.....OH, I guess I mentioned beer more then once, but hey. It was fun. Stuttgart Furingsfest was absolutely stunning and that pre-school teacher....uhmmmm, I gues this is where I stop with it. Jorn, Lars, Kerstin & Kevin. Guys, Thanks. It was awesome and see you nest year for my 30th. OG god....30.Eish, I am already grey. I guess I need to start taking out a funeral cover plan. Uhm, nein. Too much energy left in these broken bones. October/November it will definately be Australia for at least 3 weeks. I love the fun.

So, what more do I have to say. I really don't know. It is funny how your life gets so quickly into a routine once you are back in your home town. But, sometimes that is good as well. A bit of stability will not harm anyone, right? So, this is an update of the young and restless. Dude, it is party time and I need to get out of here.


07 March 2008

Holy Shit............!

Can it already be 2 months since my last post........my word, time flies real fast down here south.

Hmmmmm, so what have I been up too 'till now? OK, the last time I posted I was on my way moving out from Wayne's place. Yippeeee, not bad meant with it! It's just, privacy. Time on my own and yeah, my own place.

I bought an apartment in October last here but they only finish build it in November. I had occupation on 11 January and the place was registered in my name on 6 February. Not too bad for Africa I would think. Well, I think it had to do with my management skills......shout or threaten people. Just the way I like it. OK, moving in was quite hectic. I had to buy so much furniture and with being a man, I think I did a pretty job of doing my interior. Still no cutains (but I live on the 4rth floor with a viea over Jo'burg), brand new furniture full house and I do not owe any one anything....Lekka,

So what does a bachelor get. I hi-fi, huge TV, satelite, fridge for beer and ja, a fucking washing machine. I had too.......needed clean clothes though. Ach anyway, I think I did a pretty job of it. The house looks fucking awesome with new furniture and me only visiting at after hours.....yeah, I still work late.

So, thought that I am on my own starting my life, then friends pop over from Tanzania for 2 weeks. Just as they left, mom decides to come and visit and she is still there......don't really know for how long! So, I keep on working late to be a bit on my own. And the work is quite stressfull. NEVER BECOME A PROJECT MANAGER IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY! Do you guys think there is meetings out there that could help me sort out my professional life.....Something like the AA and it coulod go like.....Hi, my name is gordon and I am a workaholic.......! Hallo Gordon.......sheisse!

But I'm having fun. Getting older is not easy I guess. So, my mate from high school moved up to Jo'burg and we get together quite often for real bad ass parties. 8am type shit being drunk and phoning friends all over the world. sorry jess, won't happen again! But, it helps. It makes you forget about reality and just for one moment, you live in freedom.....and of coarse lot of hard ache at 4am being really drunk. OK, it is not that bad, but close.

So the weekend we went off to my dads place. Wimpie and I.......and we hit the clubs on friday night till 7am and like wise on saturday night till 10am......Holy shit, were we fuckin wasted. And the last I remember getting a phonecall from some chick asking me we the fuck I was....HUH! Honey, what in the hell is wrong with you? OH, I missed yet another date. oooooops, whoopy! So, kind of hooked up with a gal getting a divorce being a mother of a 6 year old.....hmmmmm, beautiful daughter. But you know, theoratically speaking it is not such a bad idea. Single mom quite hot getting a divorce, on the rebound and not looking for a relationship except for the casual late night fun and.............., not being serious! Man, that's great! No hassles, a snooze when ever you want one with ultimately no strings attached.That's heaven!

Anyway, me, just try to get along. Just trying to hide from the limelight and just being Gordon. My time, my life and definately my kind of fun. Since I bought this place it feels like I am trapped and soon I might start running.....Don't know where to but just not here.

Hey, I am having fun. I am sorry for being such a poor blogger, but once the internet is in my place I will get back online again....I am still alive. Miss y'all and have great fun.


06 January 2008

Trying to get it all just right......!

First of all, I just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone out there. May 2008 just be the year we all have been waiting for.

To sum the last couple of weeks up in only a couple of sentences it will be something like this: I bought myself a new guitar for Christmas. Yeah, a YAMAHA 6 string APX 700 and took it all the way down to Cape Town to jam with the family. It was pretty cool down there and just extremely HOT. 40degrees celcius to be exact. Lot of beach, parties and sunburn......Hmmmmm, now I'm back in Jo'ies to get on with life.

The one cool thing driving down all the way to Cape Town was that I got to think a lot. Somehow only 6 months being back in South Africa I realised how trapped I felt being back home. I miss my freedom and I will change it some time this year........How exactly, I don't know. But I will make a plan.

Some where in June/July I will do probably my "LSD" trip down to Australia. I know it was suppose to be in December, but with all the changes in my personal & professional life there wasn't much time for it. To be honest I do not know if it will be a permanent move, but will see once I return. Probably think of a 2 year working visa first before I would even considder something permanent like changing the colour of my passport. I just need to get out of here.

Then next week I will move into my apartment. Yes, my own property. It is quite scary to think about the installments over 20 years, but a man need to get in the property market. Quite exciting in the same time...........Just need to be a shit load of furniture. Do you guys actually know how expensive furniture has become........Hmmmmmmm,

OH, and news from Tanzania is that they will extend the project with another 5/6 months.....Stupid fucking bastards. Anyway, Don will quit at the end of January and I am checking what I can organise for him. Just that the pound is so fricken expensive.

All new is that 2008 has just started and Monday is D-day for most employees in South Africa. Bitches, get to work! I have been doing so for almost a week.

May the force be with all of you. Have fun guys!

12 December 2007

New Shit on Google....!

Shit, it is almost midnight and I can not go to bed due to the fact that I need to be on the airport and 4am. If I do attemp to sleep, well..........I will definately miss my flight.

Anyway, just saw that google has now a web photo albums.......Cool shit bru!

Anyway, check it out. Link is in the sidebar as well. Enjoy!


24 November 2007

Slavin' on........!

The last couple of weeks were extremely tiring. My whole career I dreamed to be a Project Manager and today, I am wondering.........!

Running 17 projects simultaneously isn't what I would call fun. Knowingly it might only be for 6 months, it really is hard. It seems that there isn't enough hours in a day and not enough days in a month. Workaholic? Yeah, maybe. But I believe it is for the good. People at home is phoning me to find out if I might come home this evening, 'cause no-one really knows. When duty calls, you're on your way.

The last couple of weeks I have seen the ins-and-outs of hotel rooms, airport lounges and car rentals. It is now at a stage where I walk into a car rental agency and people already know which car I prefer to drive for the money available by the company to pay for it. The good thing is I am charge and somehow it seems I know the answer for everything. From contruction, negotiating BILL of QUANTITIES to commissioning and claims. Degremont really trained me very well, but I have to believe that I have paid for that training as well.

Holiday? Well, in 2 weeks Jo'burg will shut down and where we will go with it, I don't really know. It is really scary to look further then 1 week ahead. Time goes by so quickly and slamming the breaks on could mean that I will go in resasitation.........hope not! Let's see what happens.

Personal note is that it is really tough to include someone in my life at this stage due to time constraints. She is available, but I will see how far it will go. NO PROMISES this time around. Just play it safe. It seems that a persom could mature here under these extreme conditions in, let say just a couple of months and that is what I am afraid off. Take the time off and grow steadily.

'till next time!

01 November 2007

The next chapter of my life......!

Where do I start? Since my shift to a new company and me attending a whole lot of meetings in the position of Project Manager, I got use to the very first item on the "Minutes of Meeting" and I guess it is appropriate to start off thi post with APOLOGIES........

Guys, I know that I turned out to be a blog fader, but time is extremely limited. I did not forget about blogging, it is just that I.........! Ah fuck, no excuses, right?

What happened since my last post? Well, while being in Mauritius I received an offer which I couldn't refuse and like I have mentioned before I left Degremont about 3 weeks ago. My attention was quickly drawn to Projects in a huge scale and ended up me handling 7 Water Treatment Projects and 4 Sewage Projects. Even though they are medium sized projects, it still demands a whole lot of attention..........!

I manage these projects only in South Africa and it is still difficult to adapt to the local conditions. But still I am learning so much every day and the base line of Project Management is still the same as what you would find on other projects.

Enough said about that. I do travel a lot now in SA, which means that my incredible brilliant JEEP is picking up to much miles for his age. And like you also know that the exchange rate from Rands to US Dollars ain't prefferable at the moment. So this means import of spares is extremely expensive and maintenance is for me. Looking at the situation realistically means that I needed to buy a brand new car which comes with a motorplan and I decided that this is my chance and being a beamer fan, I decided on the 2008 model 325i BMW Coupe. It will only be build in December and be imported from Munich in January, so this means I will get the car towards the end of February 2008.

With that in mind, I decided that I need to start looking for an apartment to rent as well in January, cause my lease with Wayne is coming to an close. His wife is 11 weeks pregnant now and by that stage........well, I do not even want to think about how tempermenthal she can get (grumpy like all pregnant chicks do) and I need my free space as well. I found a place, but with the rental in Jo'burg being so high, it was more cost affective for to buy an apartment and that is just what I did. Guys, my premier home bond was approved today and I will now be a proud home owner. NOTE: with no fuckin money as well. But hey, who cares.........

Life now is in the fast line. Days go by, like an hour during lunch. I enjoy every second of it. I wanted to settle back in SA and now I have done so. Although I still miss all you guys so much. I miss travelling, but hopefully in 6 months time I will do so again. Honestly there isn't much I can comment, except the SOUTH AFRICA is now the CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD as they beat England convincingly in the Rugby World Cup Final 2 weeks ago. And still today people are driving in the road with green painted cars demostrating there patriotism....GO BOKKE!

Guys, I got to run. I miss you all so much and I hope that life treats you as great as it is doing me! May the South African force be with y'all.

Good night, God bless!

13 September 2007

Dream Catch me.....!

It is Thursday evening and time on th eisland is running out quite rapidly. Anyway, I am happy about it. This place is still the same as when I left it 2 years ago to date today and it is not my home anymore although I thought so.

What have I been up too the last couple of days? To be honest, not really much. Mostly I slept through my holidays, 'cause I really needed it. I definately needed it. I went for shopping for clothing and then I have done my advance diving coarse and I have completed it today. 6 Dives in 3 days is not fun and quite tiring......But I have done it now and is under my belt. I can legally dive 30m....Yippeee (was auch immer, ja?)

Weather on the island was great the last couple of days, but a storm broke out today and yeah.....sit at home and whatching TV (Sport, World Cup Rugby which we stand a very good chance to win and then the World Cup Cricket Twenty20 series is on and we also stand a good chance to win that as well) Funny how times is changing and when our teams do good, we feel great! BOKKE!

Further on, nothing much....OH, I am busy negotiating for a position at a British Company also in water treatment. I suspect that I will get a written proposal by the end of next week and then I will pursue my career with another company. Can you believe that people can make decision so easily after so many hard working years? Well, we do it to improve ourselves in life, don't we?

I think this all for now.

PS: Timo brother.....Enjoy your trip to NY! We want photos when you come back and give old Jess a big kiss for me. Let there be fun all day long!


05 September 2007

Mari Bon Sa.....!

This will only be a quick entry of the happenings of Mauritius..........'Cause time is precious and you don't have too much to waste of it, so........!

I have returned to my home (Mauritius) on Saturday, 1 September '07. The flight was excellent and Air Mauritius has now a new Airbus A340-300 flying between South Africa and L'isle Maurice. What also is now that the departing gates from Johannesburg is from the new terminals that was build during the last 2 years and I have to agree that if South Africans do something, they do it in style. There is only one problem with this terminal and it is that you have to walk for fuckin' miles to get to your gate......Anyway, it was original designed to accomodate the new A380 and there is always some method in the madness.........

Anyway, back to Mauritius.....I can swear that the flight use to be 4h30min. Now it was only 3h30min. So much so that this is now so much better. A quick flight to the L'isle Maurice....Yippeeeee, just sad that you can not get so much more phoenix in during the flight. But who cares, Mauritius is full of phoenix. And by the time you leave, you will be extremely tired of drinking phoenix (and there will be definately more in your bag on departure...Rrrrrrrrrr

So I arrived here on Saturday night, picked up by Phillip and went home to drop off the bags. For those of you who knows Mauritius, I live just around the corner of the Quatre Bornes flea market. After that we sett our sails for Fliq en Flac.....My home town (use to be) and you can not believe the change that occured in Mauritius during my 2 years of absence. Shez Pepe is till alive and pumping and under new management. The club right above SPAR, Arena has closed down. A good couple new restaurants on the beach road in F&F and Buddah Bar does not exist anymore. Can you believe a lovely place like that closed down. Now I am starting to think that it was making mega bucks due to the patriotism of me and the GERMANS.......Man, remember those germans going balistic in that place.......I was always the one who behaved myself, yeah right!

Who of you could remeber the Mafiosa pizza from Shez Pepe and for me it was without anchovies and a shit load of tobasco......rrrrrrrrrr. Anyway, after that we wnt to Kenzi........Guys, Kenzi bar changed and it is not owned anymore by Olivier. I do not know who of you remembered that fuckin' weird frenchman Mathew.....He was always the waiter there and then left afterwards. Well, he owns it now. It almost looks like a gay bar now. Fuckin' weird but apparently it still pumps on Fridays......Will check it out this coming Friday and revert back to y'all.

Sunday, we decided it was time for a BRAAI on the beach in Le Morne......My gott, have you ever seen Le Morne being packed like that......With chicks, halleluja amen......women gallore and for the gals, well there is apparently talent hanging out there. Apparently Le Morne has build a reputation for itself to be one of the hotspots for Kite Surfing now in the world. And it was pumping with KiteSurfers......Beach is always as beautiful as it was back in the good old days, so no dilema there at all..........

Monday was quite a busy day for me. I had to work from the house to get my shit sorted out for my project back in SA and so as well on Tuesday. Monday evening I decided to visit my plant up in Vacoas and I have to admit that if I ever could compare a water plant with a woman, the she would have been a fuckin belter......My gott, she is so beautifull and she is running like a dream. With minor problems of coarse, but she is absolutely stunning.....I will go and visit her tomorrow afternoon again and take some pictures and post them on my next post. Tuesday evening we went to the diving club up at the PHOENIX Circle (roundabout for the americans)..........There I have met one of the most gorgeous girls I have seen in a very long time. She is stunning and fuckin' cute......RRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrramba! But she is only 19.....But in all fareness she does look a bit older.

Today I went to meet a colleague of mine and once again they offered me a job. Will see if they come with figures closer to the end of my holidays and lets be honest, for the right money I will definately considder moving back here......I think I need too....I can feel this is home and I do feel comfortable here among my people......! Forget the last part - Just trying to speak like a politician. Tomorrow I will go down to F&F to find out more about the prices for doing my Advance diving coarse through Pascal. Do you guys remeber Pascal......He was that Creole who use to sing at Kenzi when it still was Kenzi.......Will see what come from this.

So, this was a quick update of the happenings on the island of broken hearts and dreams......I wish you guys a pleasant week ahead, 'till next time it is Ciao from me.

25 August 2007

Dedicated to my cousin, Tanya Prinsloo.

This week started off with such a rush after a really travelled weekend. Monday, I just could not get out of bed and that followed to the next morning where I decided that it is now time for a holiday, really it is.

Tuesday morning I informed my direct manager of my plans and I purchased the tickets. I am going home, Mauritius from the 1st Sept and will return on the 16th. With all the delightfull information I returned home being content with my decisions and this is where all of this started..........

At 6:45pm I received a call from a family member in Cape Town explaining that my closest cousin was in a car accident that morning somewhere between Aliwal North and Burgersdorp. At that point I was shocked and did not really know what to do or say.......I called up my parents explaining them of the situation and I packed up, got all my shit together and grabbed Wayne's X5 and hit for the road. Believe me with such news floating in your mind, 500km's really seemed close and it took only 3 hours..........

Walking into ICU, I remembered how it felt to be stuck to a bed, bolts in your head holding your spine in position. It was not the best time in my life and I know it will not be for her as well. A long road of recovery will follow............

Trying to find a place to sleep was also with a lot of problems. But luckily I found something suitable at a price of coarse. We got into bed somewhere after 5 and and we were up at 8am. Back to hospital to see her leave for surgery. After which we sat down and had some breakfast I only came to know what happened. And this is how it goes.

While leaving her farm for shopping, she called up her mom. Without looking to see if the road was safe to cross and speaking to her mom on the phone, she crossed the road and a uncoming driver driving between speeds of 120+ hit har flat on her door resulting her to be slinged out of the front passenger window and landing 30m away from the impact site. Luckily no one else was in the car. The driver from the other car came of with only a fractured collar bone. She on the other hand with real damage.

After I picked her mom up from the airport and surgery that lasted almost 6 hours, the result was devasted. I can still see her mom standing infront of me broken down in pain when the doctor start to explain to her that her 22 year old 6 month pregnant daughter will never walk again in her life. Braking her back at the C6 vertabre leaving her bone marrow with permanent damage giving her a 1 % chance of walking ever again came quite with sudden shock and how it just makes your knees collapsed and make you realize how life can be taken away from you in an instant. Luckily she still have the use of her arms and will only be paralised from middle back down. At that point in time the baby was still OK, but due to the steroids that was introduce to reduce the inflamation at the break point, the baby the following morning could not survive and it was lost the following morning.

This is just that changed my life 5 years ago. Braking my C2 & C3 vertabre as well as 2 vertabre's in my lower back. Luckily I did not incur any damage to my bone marrow and today I am walking and still could experience other fractures in my body years to follow. I was with the grace of god that I'm not an invalide. I could relate what she was going through and it was just that moment where you can stat to reflect on your life...............

I believe things happen to people to make them learn from it. Different levels of problems hapens to different people, and only he knows how strong you really are and if you can cope from it. She will survive, maybe with a bid of some sort of disability, but she still can live a normal life. It might not be normal to us, but she will quickly learn that this will be her normal life. She will adapt and she could still be happy, no matter what the disability. That is what's important. But this is only feasible if she have people around her who loves her. That is what she needs, people around her to make her believe and that is strong for her.

Tanya, dit is nie die einde van die wereld nie. Jy het al deur baie moeilike situasises suksesvol uitgeloop en jy kan deur hierdie een kom. Onthou net dat ek baie lief is vir jou en dat ek altyd daar sal wees vir jou. Ons almal weet dat die situasie nie maklik sal wees nie, maar jy sal dit oorleef. Ek dink altyd aan jou. Sterkte my niggie!


21 August 2007

from Hatfield to Maputo to Vaaldam & back........!

I know I have been neglecting this blogsite for quite some time now, but I do not have energy for it. I am too busy!

To be honest, time is from short supply and since being back I just have soooo much to do in the given space of time I have available, purely weekends....... I got a phonecall from Australia the past Friday asking me what the hell is happening......Am I dead with a Jeep on top of me or did I just drink myself to death?

OK, the fact is work is keeping me so busy and I think I got to the stage where I am burned out totally. And I know I can not go on leave.......The next 2 months will be the most crucial in this projects life span and I have to get it under the belt. It is almost that I am fighting for the weekends to stay away, 'cause time goes by in high revs and in 6th gear.

Then there is the weekends......OH my god, based on a lot of alcohol abuse and babes spreaded all over the show. My best mate from Cape Town moved up to Jo'ies to find maybe his fortune......and yeah, he didn't have to look even far 'cause he walked in with a 800Ha farm registered to his name and plans of upgrading the farm's livestock with almost R4mil boost. Ain't he fuckin' lucky? So, weekends are devided into family in Pretoria, Welkom & Cape Town, friends on all the others and it is fickin hard to cut into the week for drinking escapades.......Just call a spade a spade, right?

To be genuinely honest with y'all it is that I feel lost. I do know where is my home, but I do not feel at ease. Being back in SA is incredible, but it is not home and it kills me to say that. It is almost like I am back in the old routine and what life is all about....Money, status and all the shit that was part of the old life. It is almost like I have lost myself yet again in the life I ran away from so many years ago. It almost gets to the point where I want to throw the towel in and just choose another path to follow. But I do not think it is well worth it. Will time tell? I know myself extremely well and I know not to far from now I will get extremely frustrated and then my firends, shit will definately hit the fan with high velocity............Maybe it is just a phase.........Maybe it is time for me to go again........What else can I do?

Ach, so to get the depro down, we go out of the way to make weekends such an incredible time.......Friday I got a phonecall from mates of mine wanting to go party. So we took the road north to Pretoria and hit HATFIELD. Student life is fuckin awesome......Careless & free, that sounded like me a couple of years ago....Hmmmmmm........And we made it to 7am Saturday morning. *am we set the road 600kms to Maputo just for some Braai & breakfast on the beach. Sunday we came back and set off to the Vaaldam for some much needed timeout.....Or that is what we thought......Speedboats and alcohol brother is the name of the game. FUN! Got back home on Sunday night around 11pm.........So this is what our weekends are all about.

I am still alive and just trying to find myself again to form where I was unique. Not just another numbnut that thinks life is all about fame, money & status. I do miss y'all.


15 July 2007


Definately........! What can I say? My life based on impulsive decision to spice up just every moment? Well, that is just me!

Last couple of weeks went off quite interesting. Work is fine, a bit hard and stressfull, but definately something that I am use too by now. Really interesting and not one dull moment installed. OK, I enjoy my job! And so many new offers basically coming now on a regular basis. I am quite flattered with all the attention. Like I have said before.....Impulsive decisions!

I have to come out of the box now 'cause I can see that being a workaholic does have its advantages, but the disadvantages stakes higher at present. Being the Project Manager I can see where this project leads too and I just can not get the chance to head-off on some much needed holidays. So what this means is that every week I postpone my holidays with at least 2 weeks. I am bargaining now on extended weekends to get me through this patch and I just hope the gamble pays off.

This weekend I will head off to Cape Town for a couple of days and just go fuckin' crazy. Thanks to MANGO airlines I got hold off return ticket for just R750 (roughly 95 USD) and it is a bargain. I will meet up with my uncle and the plan is to get as fuckin wasted as possible and just jam the guitars. It is definately a great feeling. Will take my camera with and try a get a couple of pics for you guys.

The past weekend was just insane. Friday after a extremely hard day of work I came home and my head filled with numbers. Dirk, I do not know if you remember the talks we had driving from site everyday in Mauritius and just see the mistakes what was happening. The talks about delivery schedules, planning, cashflows etc..........Well buddy, now I have to practice what I preached back then and it is not so easy....Just too many variables to stay consistent, but it is most definately a challenge. So, I was saying about Friday. Got home, fetch Wayne from the airport where he came back once again from Mauritius and.................(OH, my site on Mauritius was now finally handed over and I feel so proud knowing that it was a project where I started from the bottom and took it all through its stages. And now it's all over. Mauritius will be over for a long time I guess.

It is difficult to come to the insane part, but I will now most definately try and focus to tell you all about it. Friday came, fetched Wayne from the airport and he & Lisa decided to have a night on their own. No problem with that I thought by myself, but what will I then do......It was easy, Insanity.......! I called a good old mate of mine and proposed a trip. 300 kms & 3 hours later, we ended in a club partying with old friends.....We haven't been back together in Welkom for almost 4 years and we went out on a piggs night. I callled up my dad and told him to leave the door open for me at the house 'cause I might just come by early the next morning.....and so we did! 10pm Friday night we ended in a club, went absolutely crazy, ended up at my parents place at 8am, slept for 4 hours and headed back to Jo'burg where I had another party going for 4pm. Of coarse I was late with a couple of hours, but with the alcohol level quite still high from a few hours before it was not too difficult too catch up with the others. So, we ended up a home at 6 am, dosed off for 2 hours and went back to work on Sunday morning at 9am. Believe me solving financial cashflow problems while under the influence does help and it did.

All good and done and the new week will start in a couple of hours.......Luckily it will be a short week....or at least 2 short weeks in a row. My god, that will just be awesome.

I hope you guys had an incredible weekend I hope the next will just be as good. Have fun guys and I miss y'all......


30 June 2007

The SA Scene.....!

I know I have become a slagging blogger and Nachi is catching up, but I mean there is so many things happening at one time at the moment.......!

I eventually got an apartment and was suppose to move in today, but fuck this bitch took me for a ride and almost kept my deposit. So what did I do? I threatened her that I will fuck her up viscously and then fucking burn her body and when that didn't work I just threatened her with Small Claims Court. I got my money back in 24 hours. It seems that nowadays my bark doesn't scare anyone anymore! What should I do know? I'm loosing my touch!

Anyways. So no apartment. Car doing good. Work is running hectic again and social life beefed up a bit. The way I like my life. Full of surprises! It seems every where I go there is some sort of relationship issues. I'm just not cut out for this crap!

The biggest thing on my mind at the moment is my Project in PE. It is cool, but going through the design calculations I have picked up a couple of major problems and this is seconded by the moaning of the plant operator with operational issues. It seems my future should be focussed on problem solving. My boy in Aus taught me that. His famous quote stating that I should stick around and become famous just opened a whole new explaination to the true sense of the word. Only famous to sort out other people's KAK! Ach, was auch immer!

Secondly there is my holidays coming up somewhere in August & December. December seems to be final and just need to sort out the dates with Dirk when they can accomodate me in Australia. I would like to go anything from the 28 Dec - 13 Jan, but will see. Then there is August. Mauritius or Namibia, Mauritius or Namibia.......Hmmmmm! If Mauritius, I will be alone. But there is PHOENIX. (Oh, today I had PHOENIX that Wayne brought back from the island...Hoooooo, fokken lekka!) Namibia, well it is one kak long drive and estimated 5000km there and back and then I need to sort out the accomodation. And my parents will be extremely angry if I go and I do not drag them along......! What then?

Anyway, all is well and I am finding my feet quite fast here in SA. I have met probably everyone I wanted too since I am back and I am having fun. Next week I guess I will start at the local gym and work this bodyfat off. And just maybe I build muscles.....Rrrrrrrrrrr! Imagine the chicks on the treadmill. Yummeeeeee! So, this is it.

Another update will follow once all is in action. Have fun guys and I miss y'all.

10 June 2007

This is it........!

Well signing onto the blogger.com site, I saw my previous blog that still exists with the title of "Creating a life beyond recognition". To be honest, reading it and thinking that this just could be it. It could be what I have worked for so hard & long. Sacrificing everything just for the sake of a position.........!

You know what? This is it! It has been now 9 days since I have returned to my home town and it has been quite a ride as well. Getting settled into a office, getting use to corporate life and visit the exisitng plant where my new project will take place. It is weird to walk in the first time and I am responsible. I am the man in charge and if I fuck up, well my head will definately be on a block.....But hey, this is exactly what I wanted and this is exactly what I have work so hard for. And I love every minute of it.

As I mentioned before, being back is yet again another series of adapting. Even though it is my home country and city, it did change a whole lot since I left here in a couple of years ago. Although the people are still here, they are different. And I am searching for that comfort I always were use too.

But hey, I wanted this and I wanted to be back home. I got my car, my clothes and got an apartment on friday and things are just coming all together now very nicely. I have met this girl, a couple years younger then me, but lovely. She is actually a model and she made me watch a fashion show this weekend. OH my god, they are so beautiful so young......I rather should shut my mouth or I get a first class ticket to the local police station where my family or friends will feed me with a catapilt.....Just kidding, but it was amazing to so many beautiful chicks....HEAVEN!

Anyways, will see where this will end up. I am having fun and I am enjoying the time of my life at the moment and all that really matters is that I amk happy....And I am, very!

So this was my first update being back at home. Hopefully a lot more will come!


PS: Joern, tell me how the exams went brother, I am curios! And for all the rest....Guys, I miss you all. Hope you had an incredible weekend......

27 May 2007

Time on a end..........!

For a couple of weeks now it seems that this huge pressure was lifted off my shoulders and I took a couple of steps back and reflect exactly what was is happening around me, where the road will lead me, trying to understand just what I need to learn from this experience in Tanzania and then of coarse prepare myself yet for another change.

I do feel personal growth after spending 23 months in Tanzania, look on life with a more mature outlook and taking the necessary decisions to determine my personal well being at the end of the day. I really tried to take the best out of the last couple of weeks and enjoy what Tanzania had to offer. Honestly, I really do not think I will be sad leaving this place, but as from previous experience you tend to miss the people you leave behind. I had really good times here as well as very sad times and at the end you just learn from your life and grow into the person you ought to be.

Realising the time I spent here was dedicated mostly to my job, but at the end you realise how many good people there are out there in the world. As usual, you have to carry on and friends they will be forever. Even if you only carry them in your heart with the memories in your mind. It is time for new experiences. It is time for new people and responsibilities, but mostly it is time to follow the road where life takes you. Ultimately the decisions is yours to determine exactly what you plan for your life and the key to that "perfect life" (if that ever exists) is solely your responsibility. Go out that and take it.....It will be up for grabs!

Even though it seemed that I was not the happiest of people here in Tanzania, I do understand that it had to happen and I will take from it what I can. Now the time is to change. Change my life, change my goals and just change exactly that caused me so much grieve and cut it out of my life.....How else could you survive?

Lately, Vodka & Redbull became extremely one of my favourites and I can honestly say that I did abuse it to some level.......But I did enjoy it with great company and I am looking forward to make the aquintence again in the future on home soil. If you don't believe that you could win, how would you?

Just a word of faith.....I have made it. I am alive and tough times in your life could be beaten. I will never lie down and accept defeat. It is just not me.

Thankfully my time here has now ran out and this will be definately be the last blog in the deep "BUSH" of Africa. I just want to say thanks for the people who played important roles in my life and thanks for the fact that I could call you my friends. If you ever feel the atrong connection between us, just know that I do as well and I will always cherish your respect, friendship and advice in my life. I really do love you all. Thanks for the time here. I just want to mention a couple of names here who I believe played the most important roles in my life here in Tanzania in no specific order.

My family in South Africa, Nic, P'ulani, Leroy and Jackie van den Heever
Dirk, Rieta & Dylan Lourens
Surehka Seeth ( my pillar, strength and support)
Mr. Podi Bandara and his Sri Lanka gang
Don & Carrol Huntriss
Jean Louis Pierrefeu
Wayne & Lisa Storey
Terry, Simon and Abhed
Steve & Tania Laurie
Ian Adams
Bjorn Smith
Patrick Haye
Shargia & Gulnara Feizi

This is just a couple even though there are a lot more. Just live the dream!

PS: I have read on Susan's & Timo's blog that people are enjoying Birthdays in Germany. I guess by this time it is the Birthday of Hado. Sir, happy birthday and I do hope you enjoy it. Although there is no physical words, just know you are still in my thoughts and may your life be filled with great experiences and great people. May your road lead to experiences that you will always keep close to your heart. Happy Birthday again!.

Then it is also the birthday of Susan sometime soon. Although I really do not know when exactly it will be, i do think of you. May you also enjoy your birthday and spend it with incredible people. May you enjoy all the happiness in the world and know you are never alone. Let peace, happiness and love always be part of your life and know that you are blessed having the people in your life which you do. Happy Birthday as well madame.

Gordon van den Heever

24 May 2007

Thought of the Day....!

A priest was being honored at his retirement dinner after 25 years in the parish. A leading local politician and member of the congregation was chosen to make the presentation and give a little speech at the dinner. He was delayed so the priest decided to say his own few words while they waited.

"I got my first impression of the parish from the first confession I heard here. I thought I had been assigned to a terrible place. The very first person who entered my confessional told me he had stolen a television set and, when stopped by the police, had almost murdered the officer. He had stolen money from his parents, embezzled from his place of business, had an affair with his boss's wife, taken illegal drugs, and gave VD to his sister."

"I was appalled. But as the days went on I knew that my people were not all like that and I had, indeed, come to a fine parish full good and loving people.".. Just as the priest finished his talk, the politician arrived full of apologies at being late. He immediately began to make the presentation and give his talk."I'll never forget the first day our parish priest arrived," said the politician."In fact, I had the honor of being the first one to go to him in confession.


19 May 2007

I did not forget.....!

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L V8 HO Overland

First of all, it was Dirk's birthday on Wednesday 16 May and I did not forget about it. I was fucking stuck on a plane for 9 hours. Before he even wishes any bad luck to my itchy balls and falling off fingers; Happy Birthday buddy and wish you all the best. I know at your age you might find yourself a bit old, but, if your wife doesn't care then who should? OH, and happy anniversary!

So, I have been back to SA to go and buy my car. It was an absolutely awesome feeling to clime in the car and there was just so much power. Definately better then sex. 210bHp between your legs and under your ass......! Who could have asked for more? And then it was time to get to the office and start negotiating and it seems that common ground was found. I will be in SA untill Feb '08 and for the moment it seems just fine. I think being out of SA for so long it could be just enough time to revive the soul and get all my energy levels to prefered expectancy and just take the funk to new levels.

I am happy I think. I have taken a couple steps back now in Tanzania and look at was is happening and I only start laughing. Can not believe what I got myself into in 2005, but thinking about it now that I had to follow this route. It doesn't matter how hard it was, but the rule is to take from it what ever I could have and I will......Do not make the same mistake twice in a row. For now, it is time to close out here in Tanzania. Getting everything sold and sorted out before my time comes is quite hectic. OH Ja Dirk, ek gaan Terry se goed vir haar gee!

So, countdown has started. One hurdle date to get over and then it is the final straight to the 1st in Style! So for now, guys have fun!

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09 May 2007

A Short Entry....!

First things first......

Well, tomorrow morning it will be the 10th of May and I hope you all know what day is that......Ja everyone, it is Jess's day! HER BIRTHDAY! So, HAPPY BRITHDAY BRU and may you have a lot of year still to come. And sex of coarse! I really hope you enjoy it and may it be just the year that you have been waited for so long. CHEERS to my buddy JESS, I will definately have a couple of beers on you tomorrow.

So for now,

I will go to SA on friday for 5 days. I bought a car. My god, it has been a while since I have done something so impulsive and expensive though. But, I need to sort out some financial issue and then I will spend mother's day with my mom. It really has been a while. So, I will return on Wednesday the 16th just intime of a huge celebration for the 21st.....Guess what I will get on for my Bday...A TICKET OUT OF HERE......YIPPEE! So, the 31st will be officially be my last working day in Tanzania and will leave here on the 1st July. 3 Weeks from tomorrow!

So, Jess, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again my dear and I hope you will enjoy the day.

Much love!

28 April 2007

I truely believe the month of MAY is my month. Two reasons, namely: The first it is my birthday month and also the birthday month of so many of my friends and the second, well I can not express it even more than before and that is the month when dreams comes together with reality........Was auch immer, ja?

So, small talk behind now. Lets focus on things that matters and that is RUGBY. My god, have you guys whatch the game last night beween the Blue Bulls & the Blues? Absolutely phenomenal! One of my colleagues stayed over last night to experience a bit of more sociality different from Bagamoyo and me of course the South African patriate I am decided to take him to SPUR and showed him what life is all about. Being stoned with a 2L beer jug filled with SOUTH AFRICAN "CASTLE DRAUGHT" enjoying a real spectical that was being played out before our eyes....My god, the BULLS showed me why I have always chosen them as my team.......Thrashing the Blues convincingly with force, skill and ulimately with heart! This what we are all about. "LIEFLING sal jy vanaand....." Shortly, it was just called MAGIC!

Anyway, I do not know what the fuck is wrong with me.....I think I know why.......My COUNTRY! So, bad fortune has changed into extremely well waited LUCK....for once, I think there is a direct relationship bewteen SOCIAL LIFE = WELL BEING......I mean, if you don't feel good, then your relationship goes to shit. I mean, your emotional level makes the slightest upward move then there is a flood with SOCIAL WELL being and vise versa......Being realy active the last couple of weeks and the fun has just started. The last 3 weeks in Tanzania, the fun will be outplayed with socialism, alcoholism, ra....no not that one, idiotism and bla bla bla....fuck, i realy do not know what i wanted to say.

OH, good fortune....Yeah, that was it....I am going to SA for 6 -8 months and run a project in Port Elizebeth but I will be based in Johannesburg. My first step into a career I set my focus on almost 5 years ago and shortly I will be doing that and it could be promising. Going back home was never such a big issue for me as it is at this point in time. Will I be able to adapt again? Who knows, but if you don't try you will know. I am extremely happy about it and well first I will have LEAVE. I haven't seen my parents in almost 9 months now and spending time with them will be incredible. I believe it will be. Then as well planning to see Mauritius again and this trip I am planning to do with Herman a guy I met in Mauritius almost 2.5 years ago and with us two....Hmmmmm, who will know what will happen? I can tell you what will be the main focus of what the trip could have installed....But leave it up to your imagination.....

OK, today I went with a buddy of mine to South Beach in DAR and with previous history that always teaches us, I guess it was the last time that I will go there. I took the time and really tried and enjoy it and it was spectacular and as the sun set, peace on earth. Until Ian decided to take some pictures of locals from the car and he soon realised that doing that here is definately a big NO NO....... Quite upset they were. I remember that Dirk experience the same type of thing just before he left here and his experience included something with stones and very fucking angry Msai's....Ask before you take pictures.

So, I have added a bit more photos, so I hope you guys will enjoy it. Tomorrow it is back to work for me. Have a good weekend what is left of it.

Peace Out

PS: Nachi, happy birthday bru. I know I have missed it with a day, but you know better late than never, right? Anyway, I hope 22 will make the most laid man in the world. Just be safe! Legally you are an adult now. My god, guys, can you believe this shit? Our brother Nachi has become a man now.....Have a huge beer on me bru. Enjoy the day!
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Setting the scene....!

A photographer in the making, my friend Ian for CPT......

And a dude on his way.......
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Staring at the sun.....!

Staring at the sun......

Of course there was Kili involved......

I mean, what do you want more?
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15 April 2007

I guess that was it now...Pretty cool hey?

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Well, it is getting alot of reflecting now....!

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Still reflecting on the past 20 months....!

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Reflecting the past 20 months.....!

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12 April 2007

31 May 2007

For all of you that wondered why my Blog, SKYPE and MSN reads 31 May 2007, it is that my birthday will find place 10 days later then it normally would have and that on this day one of my biggest wishes in the last couple of months will come true.

Yeah, it is the day that I will leave this godforsaken country. To be honest, I'm pleased with this decision and definately my mind has taken shape to the ordinary world or mine at least. In someways I do not regret that I ever came here, but ach, I do so much. Now, I know one of my biggest principles is not to regret anything, but this one I can not help for.

Being in Tanzania for the last 21 months, it definately changed me so much in many different aspects. For starters, I am 2 years older. I have had a broken knee and wrist. I dislike french people even more and I am a bit wiser and more confident then before. Tanzania taught me at the end of the day that you need to be really strong to survive this ordeal, you need to be mentally strong to adapt to this world and you should have patience. Patience is the only thing I do not have here and that could probably mean that this could have been the reason why it was so hard for me to adapt.

I have seen the other night a DVD called "Blood Diamonds" and this really opened my eyes and realised how close it was with reality and what is happening with AFRICA. It reflects honestly true life in AFRICA and what they do to each other just for money. This reality shocked me to death and made me think how easy it to us just to look past the reality surrounding us. We looked at it as "NORMAL" and we try to adapt to it to survive. Frankly, I do not care who says what. This is my opinion and no-one will ever be able to change it. I have been there, I have got the T-Shirt and I will get the fuck out of here soon.

Where will the road take me? Honestly, I do not know and I really do not care at this specific point in time. After the 31st, I will enjoy a much needed rest and just maybe plan to go to my isle. I can guarantee you now that my time off will be a minmum of one month and just maybe I can push for the second to clear this head of mine. I do have a couple of propositions for work at the moment and the first and foremost staying on in Degremont moving into commissioning that will guarantee that I will not be longer in one specific country for more then 6-8 months which is totally fine for me. I have a couple of job offers and just maybe I will go back to school full time. The one idea (I know that Dirk would like it) is to go to Australia, but I do not want to commit myself to such an extent to imigrate just for the sake of work. I am young, independant and have a career going for me and I should use this to the maximum to secure for definate a great future. Whether I have the support of my colleagues, well, I do not give a fuckin rats ass about it.

So, for now it is 7 weeks to date and it will not change (guaranteed) and then I am free. Most of the crap I got gathered up here in the last 21 months are sold within a day and I do have some extra cash I didn't bargained for....Just my luck! I think enough has been said now,

So lets see how it goes.


28 March 2007

Facts of Life......!

This past Monday I had a chat with a very dear friend of mine and he informed me of the happenings that involved a common friend.

To start off, I just would like to say that I do really value friendships and as simple as that might sound, I do believe in the goodness of people in general. A couple of years ago my life changed tremendously and I started focussing on the value of life and I have created all these small rules/laws I live by today to ensure that the majority of my time here on earth could be guaranteed as incredible. Of coarse you can not really guarantee a great life(although it is biggest fundamental BYLAW), but you can definately improve your chances to enjoy such a life.

One of these rules/laws is that I try not to lie, bulshit or play with anyone's heart. By doing that, I will feel guilty afterwards and the other party could get terribly hurt and that will even play more or my conscious. I believe that what you see is what you get. No hidden secrets and the total truth. By being this honest and genuine, I have the tendancy to believe in the goodness in others. I think that by doing this, you open yourself to an extremely great time together, but when you fall, you fall as well just extremely hard.

But having only 10min of an extremely great life, you will never be able to substitute it. It is definately NOT replaceable. This is by looking at it at the positive side of things......

When you look at the negative side of things (which I rarely do unless I feel blocked in), I sometimes wonder when your life goes dead wrong, how people get themselves in deeper shit just because of fear. I mean, if you look back years and you see no self improvement, what do you do? If you are not happy in your normal life, but you are afraid to break away 'cause the unknown frightens the living shit out of you, what do you do? You have experienced maybe 6 months of the life you ought to have, but 'cause of these fears you are so afraid to take the risk......Well, my philosophy to this would be that if you down't risk, you will stay just where you are. A normal life does not neccessarily mean it should be a sad life. People decide to do certain things and make decisions based on the actual facts at hand by the time of making that decision. It does not neccessarily mean that it was the best decision, but it was one that suited the facts at the time.

Every day you will experience something different from the ordinary and that is why our lives eventually take different directions. Things happens to us whether we want it to or not. The key is just what you will do to survive it. Bad things do happen and we tend to call it bad things when it doesn't suit our approval or came unplanned or unforceen. Well, it is not neccessarily bad, it is just different and when you learn to accept it, it will become known as normal. But, one should not force the issues of life. The things then tend to move from bad to worst.

If you look at yourself right now and you reflect what happened to you during the past the couple of years, you can definately see it might not be the ideal path of life. You did experience how life should be lived, but chose not too.....The reason for that I really do not know and only you took that decision. And now, 10 years was with real highs and with terrible lows. You chose to took the risk and you found that now it might not have been the ideal the decision.....but you were too afraid to do something else!

Now you involved another life into your situation and then does not neccessarily mean everything will be OK. Well, you should step up the play and take the responsibility of your decisions. Nothing in the world means now more then you two and you have to promise now that you will do everything in your power to guarantee that you will set a platform for you to live realistically and try to minimize all risk.

This is definately not a bad thing, it is only different. I know it is something you always wanted. Maybe the timing isn't that great, but it is here now and you should deal with it. I know you would be great in it and will bring you tremendous joy and probably later on terrible pain. I am not angry, maybe just shocked. But, I believe in you and I suggest you do the same.

I truely believe you can do it and just promise me & yourself you will never regret it. NO REGRETS as always..... Heads up and walk tall & proud!

With all my love......

25 March 2007


Basically, this was one of our first real "ROCKERS" in South Africa and really their music back in the days meant a lot of weed, alcohol, sex and being a rebel.
To date this band has split up and the lead vocalist Arno Carstens went solo producing great music on his own. One of his songs played in the VW Tourec adds in South Africa (do not know if it was overseas), but amazing shit.
But, if you guys can get hold off this one song called Blue Eyes.....I mean, this was one of my greatest all time ROCK songs. You can get it on Limewire....I know, 'cause I just did....Here is the lyrics. Enjoy
We're gonna grow you up slowly
We're gonna chain you steal
Sand in the hand
We'll tell you in the end
Nester things and slumber
Well I feed my arms for love murder
Round about round about round about now
sorry to say the others didn't make it
Round about round about round about now
You're my ticket out of here
Devour you slowly
Love you today
Sand in the hand
We'll tell you in the end
Nester things and slumber
For it's a common
Round about round about round about now
sorry to say the others didn't make it
Round about round about round about now
You're my ticket out of here
Daddy's little blue eyes i come for you
I aint gonna leave her behind
Daddy's little blue eyes i come for you
I aint gonna leave you behind
Daddy's little blue eyes i come for you
I aint gonna leave her behind
Daddy's little blue eyes i come for you
I aint gonna leave her behind
Daddy's little blue eyes i come for you
I aint gonna leave her behind-hind
Leave her behind
Aint gonna leave her behind
Blue eyes
You're my ticket out of here
(Guys, really try and get this one....Amazing local shit home brewed in South Africa)

24 March 2007

Stepping on toes....!

I know I have been a bad blogger lately. To be honest, I am not in the mood of putting my thoughts down on paper. It has been a real difficult time during the past couple of months and somehow I am really trying to find my feet again.

A couple of nights ago I spent a couple of hours going through photos from Mauritius, viewed Google Earth a couple of times and start going through my blog from Mauritius. I mean, somehow I am trying to pick myself up and trying to get back my spirit which I had back in Mauritius. Seeing all those picks and reading the posts made me realized how quick life can change in only a couple of months. In one way I do miss the island so much, but that is not what is burning inside. I have this uneasyness boiling inside and I do not know how to stop it.

I think it is my body trying to tell me this is enough. AFRICA is enough! I chatted with my boss no too long ago after watching BLOOD DIAMONDS and that made me realize how bad AFRICA really is. I'm not even talking about Leonardo's bad accent which isn't by the way South African. The words he used, yeah well.....but overall he sounded like a sick american with flu. SHAME ON YOU making us sound that bad!

Anyway, life ain't easy here. It really isn't and I do not know even if I moved somewhere else that uneasyness that stuck in my gutt will disapear. I do not even get excited thinking that I will move soon. It really feels that I am dead and sick and tired of all the shit. Everything! It feels like I need to break away from what I know is my reality and focus on myself. It feels that I need to go and search for that light that once shined in my life which brought me to levels of NON-STOP FUN.......

No, seriously. I think I had enough and know I need at least a 6 month break. MINIMUM. Thinking of spending time back on the island, tour Namibia, Australia & America....Thinking of the Caribbean quite often lately as well. The greatest thought is it might be a possibility in the next 2 months or so....I will definately consider it.

Things in France did not go off that well or for Degremont rather. I gave them 2 options and that is that they either move me now or I will resign. I am done with the way we work in Africa. The ZERO level of professionalism that they deal with projects in Africa and the way they deal with there personal. Really, I am done with that. Wether I have the option to go back to South Africa for them doesn't really bother me at all. I am burned out and I feel like a corps living on high energy drinks. Not good.

I really enjoyed the time in Germany though. Couple of really rough nights and the first starting off with me sleeping in the bathroom of a pub and drunk fucking germans shouting to call the POLIZEI.....Until they saw really how big the dude is that found the porcelyn king quite attractive. Meeting up with the banking germans was great. All of them! Joern, Kerstin, Kevin, Lars & Wolfgang and meeting up with Anne later on was also great. But, 3 days does not change someone's outlook on life. Only temporary solution.....! But Bratwurst mit brochien, Peter Styvesant's and a shit loads of beer (and something I called the South African Bomber - Double Sambuca with double Jagermeister mix) makes you dream of better days to follow.

I think I should go see a professional to maybe talk about my feelings....yeah right! Fuck that shit bru. I need more alcohol, SEX and more alcohol to get me back on track....And maybe beautiful sunsets.....Maybe go and visit Cuba! I do not think South Africans have any restrictions going to Cuba, do we?

But all out.....I am not depressed. Not at all. Just extremely tired and zero motivation and at this age it is definately not a good sign. I need to strategise and plan....."cause that is what I am good at. I am OK, alive and moving........At the moment, I am coping and the day I find myself not too, that will be it.

Surehka, I really appreicate your input and believing in me. That is why I respect you so much, 'cause you always have the right answers and the wisdom and that is why I am still here today. Thanks for standing by my side during this time. I do see it and appreciate it.

On a better note is that Dirk is back in operation with one of our affiliated companies in Australia. He is based for 3 months in Sydney I think and then he will move to Brisbane although his family is staying in Brisbane. Guys, I am glad you are doing good! My thoughts are with you always. Say hi to Dylan for me.

For now, this is it. I will update as soon as I find any changes in my path. Miss you all and have a great weekend.


05 March 2007

I do........! And that was it!

Life is worth nothing if you can not share it with someone special!

End for being alone, the start of being united...!

Well, the title of this blog refers only to the life of a single man. I guess from now on it will be a start of hopefully a good life between 2 incredible people.
What can I say? Last week I went to South Africa for the much enjoyable ceremony. For me it was a real quick in and out flight (2 days to be precise) only to witness the marriage of 2 good people. My former "FD" in South Africa and currently one of my best friends around and his gal (now wife).
I remember the last visit of Wayne in Mauritius where I knew that something was definately wrong. This was in July 2005 and a huge party going on at my place in F&F. People like Uma (just came back on that Saturday afternoon from Tanzania), Bruce, Sandrine & Bryce and me attended a BRAAI as usual at my place. I remember that we had this huge piece of fillet on the braai where some people referred to it as the trunk of an elephant and basically we all except Wayne ('cause as usual he was on the phone for a fucking long time) finished the meat in 10 minutes flat. I suspect that was some sort of achievement & probably a record that day. I remembered the night before was Bruce's B-day and we had a one heck of a party going at Buddah Bar and well the following events is something that I do not really want to talk about. But it was in the lines of only sleeping 20 minutes before I had to go to work, ended sleeping in the car park at the airport, got a speeding fine not because I was drunk, but 'cause I drove extremely slow and the cop couldn't even recognize that I was drunk & driving, and of coarse returning home where all the events of the previous nights started all over again.....My god!
Anyway, it became that bad where I actually wished that Wayne would leave for his hotel in Grande Baie for me to be able to get a well deserved rest.....! But of coarse that never happened! Anyway, I remember Wayne telling me about his problems and I wished for his sake that he would get out of the relationship that he founded himself in (His previous relationship and of coarse he did soon after). Wayne wasn't happy at all at that point in his life and I know he found it extremely dificult to get out of at that stage a 4 year relationship and fiancee, but he did eventually and I met up with him a couple of months later in Johannesburg and this is where I met Lisa. Man, what a gal!
Anyway, I saw Wayne transformed from extremely unhappy to a man that had everything going for himself again. I was extremly happy seeing these 2 getting married almost 2 years after. Both of them turned out to be one of my closest friends to date and both of them being extremely happy. At the end, witnessing a fairytale like this inspires everyone and make them believe that life does have more advantages then disadvantages. Life follows its own cycle and changes everyone if you let it. I believe that life always works out for the best, it is up to us not to fuck it up.
At the end, I have to say that this was one of the most spectacular weddings ever. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL with 2 AMAZING PEOPLE. They are on their honeymoon now in Thailand & Vietnam and believe they will now come back as one unit or entity. That is what life is all about. Being special! I just want to congratulate my 2 best friends ever and wish them all the best.
Wayne & Lisa Storey, 24 February 2007.....May the fairytale live on

18 February 2007

with the Sunshine in the sky.......

Maybe it is just the season, but definately I have been on a 120 mile high.......

Just returned from Mwanza (Lake Victoria) with absolutely no work done this weekend. AWESOME! Spent quality time with a good couple of people. Met 2 Yanks, an Ausstralian, a couple of South Africans, a half britt/frenchie and just a whole lot of good people....Of coarse "Touch Yourself" or so called "Soap on a rope" took the crown.

Friday night we pulled into a Pub/Bar called Tilapi and just partied the night away. I was picked up from the airport by a colleague with a bottle of Captain Morgan and basically I finsihed it within a half an hour. Decided it was time to paint the town red and eventually ended pulling out the guitars and jamming with an Austrlian. What a Jol!

Saturday afternoon after waking up with one mother of a headache we set off for a farewell braai of one of the South Africans I met almost a year ago, my last time bein' 'round Mwanza. Met up with a couple of Yankees from New Jersey and oh my god, we took Pink Floyd to a new level. Amazed by powerful lead guitarist and just say, the joke of the night was to re-inact the pronounciation of a french guy speaking terrible english. At the end, good fun.

Well, Thursday night the one Yank will make his turn in DSM and I will introduce him to the new English Pub just across my street and as well an Irish Pub down at slipway. Rrrrrrrr, PARTY! Friday morning I will be off to South Africa for the weekend to attend Wayne's Wedding on Saturday. (Bru, I hope this one stick!)....And I also have confirmation that I will be in Paris somewhere bewteen the 5 - 9 March.

Timo bru, I know it is past your deadline but I will definately try and come on over the weekend before you leave. I will confirm within the week. I decided to rather take my one week leave and spend it alone on the island. Yeah, somewhere in April I will go to the island for a break. Well, France give me a week and then I will take it over Easter Weekend and by doing that, I will have 2 weeks holiday. It is all about planning and yeah, PHOENIX and I will be re-united once again. Will be sad not having you guys around like old times, but I need this, really!

So, for now it is all & out, 'til next time that is.


05 February 2007

Who's goin' to wear my Crown?

Luckily or the dust went to rest and life is almost as normal as possible. Lately I have started spreading my thoughts further down to the end of this year and just maybe......Just maybe!

Good thing I have realized during the last couple of weeks is really how alone I am doin' what doin best. It is definately not that I am sad about doin' it all alone, but at the end it does catch a bit of your soul. Now that this shit at work seems to have calmed down and I am spending my time thinking really hard and quite often about next year and so forth and where and what I will be doin'. After a couple extremely hard phonecalls I realised that my ex-boss in SA and still officially in charge of my well being still really cares about what happens to me and I have to admit I haven't the been the easiest to be around.......I just would like her to know that I really appreciate her presence in my career and I do trust her judgement completely.

Thank you so much for guiding me and when times get tough, thanks for being there. I know that this is the part where I have to come to the forefront and play the part. Being profeesionally driven isn't always about the effort you put in and it isn't always about the wrongs that have been done to you.....It is actually everything to do with your motivation, inspiration and setting up the goals and no matter what you need to do to achieve the goals and dreams that sometimes seems a bit far fetched.

But time has come to get this all setted out and plan the remaining period of my stay as an extreme learning curve. Survival at the end has nothin' to do with strength, but in fact it is all about adapting to change & drive....May it as it is, getting on the black stallion and ride off into the sunset never ends the way you wish it to be.

An incredible period has commenced now at a stage on this project where you see what the previous 18 months was all about. Seeing the end in sight helps time to go by. Seeing the fruit of your 18 months harvest really puts the essence into satisfaction and encourage those who previously were not sure of what it all was about. Ladies & gentlemen, I'm talking about mechanical erection (it it has nothing to do with bionic sex) on site and not too far from now I will start partially the new works on all 3 sites that I am techically incharge off.

I really forgot back in Mauritius how it felt seeing your late hours, planning & designing comes to a point and see your work physically growing right infront of your eyes. I just love this part and specially the end of the contract. It brings a sigh of relief as well as satisfaction. "Cause at the end it is all for those who just can not expreience first worlds.

But for now, just carry on and take it step-by-step still solving the mysteries of a badly written contract. Who cares, it will definately come on my CV. It is great to hear people speaking about you around the world and the trust and belief that trusted you with. Welcome to my world! It might not be first world, but it definately takes first place for me.

I love y'all, goodnight

28 January 2007

Doin' India Underground.....!

Extremely difficult week ended extremely weird.

Well, professionally a lot of setbacks occured this week and it all ended up in floats. Officially I has submitted my resignation from Degremont and from end of Feb I will be a free man. Why, well lets just say it has to do with politics and y'all know me. Politics isn't part of my game and actually I can not give a shit.

Phonecalls coming from all over the world requesting me to re-think my strategy, but time will tell. I had enough and enough is definately enough. End of Feb my contract will expire and now I will go to Paris for a couple of days. Renegotiations! Well does it always have to come to this point. Why can't people appreciate what they have before they really lost it. The good side of this all is that I will have a week to spend with all expenses paid anywhere I want and decided that if I am in France then I can just hop across border and visit Germany again with exceptional drinking experience.

Yeah, and as far as I know Nafiz will join. Timo brother, we want to visit you before you set off for the UK. So before 6 March we will have a reunion in Germany with all the boys on an extreme drinking experience. So, no questions about this decision of work.....Give it time and it will play out.

Tonight, Jane or Joint Venture Partner Accounted decided to take Sebastien & me out for dinner and beer and it all ended up Indian Underground. It was extremely underground so much so that you can snap your fingers and well, you can imagine the lap dance situation for yourself. It was extremely weird, but I have throughly enjoyed it. Bangra and all the honey bees around, it was an expreienced definately NOT to be missed. It was so hidden that someone will not even realize that is is that kind of place. The girls aged 20 -25 extremely beautiful and ja, the rest will be locked up hidden for ever. Like they say: You do not speak out of your bedroom.......

Anyway, a suggestion. I believe I should involve my buddist buddies into my activities. I believe Mr. Podi Bandara might just have the time of his life.....NO COMMENT!

But life has to go on and we will see each other soon. May god bless!


18 January 2007

Can you fucking believe it?

Sorry for the heading, but that is exactly how I feel at this point in time.

Well, since my return the work hasn't died off, not at all....It did actually picked up quite fiercely. I mean, since I woke up on Sunday morning 7am I actually only had 16 hours of sleep. What I mean is that people who knows me, knows I have to get my minimum 8 hours in daily or I'll get really grumpy as people found out on Tuesday. I had to go through Sunday and Monday and eventually got to bed on Tuesday morning 3am.

Since then, well....do the maths. Anyway, got up this morning at 5 am and set off to Bagamoyo that is 85kn away from DAR and I got there around 07:30. Soent there the whole day sorting out shit in 38degrees centigrade and left at 6pm. Then I decided to swop cars so that I can give some guys off this weekend and that I will drive equioment to our other site on Saturday 75km away.

The end result is that I got back to the office a couple of minutes ago and realised that my house keys is on my other set of car keys and the guy who has my car is in Bagamoyo. Do you think I will drive back to get my keys? No, fuck that. Got our local guy to come out and brings his angle grinder with. I will remove that oadlock later tonight with force and I will enjoy it.

Anyway, I have mentioned in my previous posting on the upcoming travelling and to be honest, the dates needs to be set. At this point in time it seems that it will not happen before May and latest starting around October '07. I will have more info on this in the next 2 weeks when I will know what will happen with my position here in Tanzania. I have to say that I did receive a couple of calls yesterday asking me to come back to South Africa.....So, this could now become definate within the next 4 - 6 weeks ann then just finishing up with the new contract in Senegal and then I guess I will be free from mid April. If I will stay in DAR, the earliest I suspect that I will start travelling in October '07. So Amu, I know that this is not very specific, but my life at the moment really has a lot of unknowns and varies from day to day. But, it will definately happen during this time. I just hope the Americans will give me a Visa though.

Cheers for now....

13 January 2007

Just Imagine.....!

This whole thing in Tanzania might be over sooner than I inticipated for. For starters, my employment contract expires end of February although the Project will need to go on at least for another 42 weeks. Fucking too long if you ask me, but hey, this is my options:

1. I can re-negotiate my contract with France and well, if they do not agree to my terms then I will definately be out of here. That will mean that I can only go back home and maybe pursue a career in South Africa that could involve a lot of travelling in Africa. Woopee! As if I really care....

2. Otherwise I can shut my mouth & see this one through. This will be an incredible hard option for me to pursue, so France, you better get your attitude correct. Being almost 16 months in Tanzania doesn't really mean that I will tell my kids one day about my great adventures, get what I'm trying to say.

So, SA it might become very shortly or will even considder going to Uni and study my long last Architecture childhood dreams and change my career for the 2nd time in the last 10 years. But hey, tomorrow I would like to wake up with a smile and it has nothing to do with the morning glory theory.

So, as I promised earlier that this year will at least include a shit load travelling. Now that South African Airways are part of the STAR ALIANCE group with big names such United Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa that means we can also enjoy the benefits of around the world tickets.....Hmmmmm, lekka bru! I saw on Timo's blog that he already stated my plans coming over to Deutschland again......JA MAN, fuck, I believe the German Immigration should at least give me permanent residentship because of my patriotism to Deutschland without even being a Duitser. So, I checked out tonight my travel itenary and made some sort of travelling plans. The only thing I definately need to confirm is the dates and ach ja, the visas. But preliminary the travel plans look something like this:

1. Johannesburg to Brisbane, 2-3 weeks. Ja Dirk, I will be coming your way. It fucking takes me something like 20-23 hours via Singapore. Yeah mate, gonna get myself a Sheila.

2. Brisbane to West Palm Beach, Florida. +/- 10 days. Uma gal, I will be seeing you some time this year. Just get the party started.

3. West Palm Beach to NY (JFK). I will rent hopefully a convertable mustang and drive up north on the east coast of America to a place called New Haven, Conneticut. Jess, this one is for you baby. Will spend roughly 10 days there as well and then drive back.

4. NY (JFK) to Frankfurt. (2-3 weeks) Well people, this time around it will be just one incredible jol. Guys, I know some of you will be working and some of you will be going to school, but this time round I will be able to make it on my own and it will include a shit load of alcohol. Of coarse this time the same as the last, Wurzburg, Frankfurt & Berlin and maybe a bit exploring as well.

5. Then it is back home where I will get off on the way in Mauritius. (2 weeks) Hehehehe, guess what will happen there? Anyway, then it will be done and I will come back home to start my life again and forget about all you people. Live the life as borring as possible with the normal idea of everyone being a workaholic, family man and all the debt involved with it. Ja, was auch immer! Never,

A world ticket like this, inclusive of all flights, are only ZAR21,500.00 = USD3300 and to me that seems pretty reasonable. First I will cross the Indian Ocean, following with the Pacific and then lastly the Atlantic ocean. It is really a world tour and a shit load of flying involved, but a man has to do what a man has to do.

So, I believe I will enjoy now my time planning this and who knows, I might she you all sooner then you think. Have an absolutely great evening.